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Good news: Nanjing Xianou(ATPIO) Instrument Manufacturing Co.Ltd. won the China Patent Award again.

On April 15, 2022, the State Intellectual Property Office released the "Public Notice of the Results of the 23rd China Patent Award", and one of the invention patents of the company "Bimetal/Carbon Layered Composite Spheres One-Step Microwave Preparation Method" (Patent No. ZL201210298558.3, inventors Tang Shaochun, Meng Xiangkang, Li Nanting, and Li Nanting) was awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office of China. One-step microwave preparation method of bimetallic/carbon layered composite ball" (Patent No.: ZL201210298558.3, inventors Tang Shaochun, Meng Xiangkang, Li Nanting, Gao Wenhua) won the 23rd China Patent Award of Excellence. The inventor Gao Wenhua is the general manager of Nanjing Xian'ou (ATPIO) Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and has made significant contributions to the research and development and popularization and application of this patented technology. This is also the second time for the company to win the China Patent Award after winning the 17th China Patent Award of Excellence in 2015.


Nanocomposites are regarded as the "new materials of the 21st century", which not only meet the international concept of green industrial development, but also satisfy the requirements of China's sustainable development and ecological civilization construction, and are the best choice of new advanced green chemical materials. Among them, metal/carbon composites can simultaneously combine the properties of metal ions and carbon materials, such as special optical, thermal, catalytic and other properties, which are the key reinforcing materials for degradation of wastewater treatment, anti-corrosion coatings in marine engineering and battery diaphragm, and can effectively alleviate the problem of energy shortage. However, the traditional preparation methods cannot realize the growth of multiple metal nanoparticles inside carbon spheres, and it is difficult to regulate the components and sizes of nanostructures on the nanoscale, which has become a bottleneck in the development of many national defense and high-end civil technology products. Therefore, it is of great significance to break through the technical bottleneck of bimetallic/carbon composites preparation and structure design.


Nanjing Xian'o Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and innovative enterprise composed of high-level talents, rich in innovative spirit, dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of ultrasonic, microwave, temperature control and related scientific instruments and equipment. As a national high-tech enterprises, in recent years has achieved five first in the field of China's scientific instruments: developed China's first ultrasonic microwave ultraviolet light synergistic reaction system; invented China's first FM controlled microwave chemical reaction workstation, developed China's first microwave high-temperature stirring atmosphere sintering furnace, the promotion of China's first supercritical ultrasonic graphene preparation device; completed China's first zero 120 ℃ low-temperature graphene preparation device; completed China's first The development of the first -120 ℃ low-temperature calibration measuring instruments, precision: 0.0001 ℃.


Over the years, the company has been focusing on the research on the development and application of multi-physical field high-efficiency synergistic technology and its equipment, such as ultrasonic field/microwave field/thermal field. In the process of microwave equipment development, the company and its collaborators accidentally found that the local hotspot formed by microwave can make the positively charged metal ions be rapidly reduced inside the carbon material, so the company invented a one-step rapid preparation method of bimetallic/carbon layered composite spheres based on selective nucleation and domain-limited growth in cooperation with universities. Based on this preparation technology, the cooperation applied for and was authorized one invention patent (Patent No.: ZL201210298558.3). This invention patent provides a one-step microwave preparation method of bimetallic/carbon layered composite spheres, which is completely opposite to the traditional bottom-up path reported in the international arena, and can realize the control of the size and number density of metal particles, as well as regulate the distribution position of the particles in the three-dimensional space; the product has high purity, a unique layered structure, and a very high yield; the reaction is controllable, and the technology has a wide range of applicability. On this basis, the company has further developed a new process and series of microwave equipments for material scale-up and low energy consumption production through the cooperation between industry, academia and research, as shown in the figure below, and the capacity, control accuracy and intelligence of the equipments have been gradually upgraded. Eventually, the team has realized the bimetallic/carbon layered composite ball kilogram-scale batch production, as shown below:

The company developed a series of microwave material synthesis and scale-up equipment (capacity, accuracy, intelligence gradually upgraded)


The patented technology breaks the technical barriers to the precise design of multi-metal/carbon composite structures and significantly promotes the technological progress of nano-functional materials. The patent has outstanding novelty and creativity, practicality, significant originality and importance, technical advantages, and has generated significant economic and social benefits.

In recent years, Nanjing Xian'o Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been deepening the cooperation between industry, academia and research, and concentrating on promoting the collaborative innovation, and the superiority of the products has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign fields. In the process of gradual improvement and popularization of the technology, the company has applied for more than 100 patents, and won 10 national and provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards. Among them, the ultrasonic microwave UV synergistic reaction workstation ZL2013220424003.9) was awarded the 17th China Patent Outstanding Prize, the 2015 Ministry of Education's Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Advancement, the 2015 Nanjing Outstanding Invention Patent Award, the 2013 Nanjing Scientific and Technological Advancement Third Prize, the 2015 Nanjing Scientific and Technological Advancement Third Prize, the 2015 Jiangsu Provincial Scientific and Technological Advancement Second Prize, Second Prize of National Commercial Progress in 2017, and First Prize of Technical Invention of Ministry of Education in 2020.


China Patent Award is the highest government award in the field of intellectual property in China, and is the only national award specifically granted to reward high-quality inventions and creations with patent rights in China, which is jointly selected and awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and the World Intellectual Property Organization, and is an intellectual property award with international influence. It aims to guide and promote the work of intellectual property to play an important role in supply-side structural reform, accelerate the construction of an innovative country and promote high-quality development.