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Welcome to 3rd China Vaccine Forum 2011

3rd China Vaccine Forum
November 24-25, 2011
Sanya, China

Faced with changes of industry standard and market, vaccine companies have to grasp advantage according to the market situation. CBI China has elaborately prepared topics of new vaccine R&D, the interpretation of new GMP and international market explore from perspectives of R&D, mass manufacturing and market tendency. We sincerely invite you participate at the 3rd Annual China Vaccine Forum 2011 and discuss the development of vaccine in China and share your precious experience.

Conference Background:

In recent years, biopharmaceutical industry has enjoyed a stable rising trend in China. As the fastest-growing segment, the vaccine industry is experiencing a transformation. In the first half year of 2011, the biological and biochemical manufacturing industry in China have a total sales volume of 67.717 billion RMB, with an increase of 30.35%. As such positive policies as "Biological industry 12-5 development plan" was carried out, our biological pharmaceutical industry will go into an accelerating development period. As a key segment in the biological industry, vaccine products are estimated to reach a market volume of 50-60 billion RMB.

We Will:

Focus on Novel Research Technology
Industry Standard Interpretation
Explore International Market
Animal Vaccine Market

Main Topics to Be Discussed:

Keynote 1: Trend Analysis of Infectious Diseases
Keynote 2: How to Pass the New GMP Certification
Keynote 3: How to Achieve WHO Certification
Keynote 4: The Research Progress of Combined Vaccine
Keynote 5: Overview of R&D for Genetic Engineering Vaccine
Keynote 6: Combination of Adjuvant and Vaccine to Improve Immunogenicity
Keynote 7: Development of New Adjuvant
Keynote 8: Purification Technology of Vaccine Production
Keynote 9: Cell Suspension Culture Technology
Keynote 10: Viral Inactivation Technique
Keynote 11: Filtering Membrane Improvement of Vaccine Production
Keynote 12: Technology and Equipments about Cold Chain for Vaccine
>>>Panel Discussion:
Background: China National Biotech Group merged six institutes of biological products in China.
How will they adjust development strategies? Will product line be changed?

Animal Vaccine Seminar

Keynote 1: Development of Global Animal Infectious Diseases and Animal Epidemic Prevention in China
Keynote 2: Analysis of Animal Vaccine Policy and Market in China
Keynote 3: Current Situation and Future Market of Pet Vaccine
Keynote 4: R&D Progress of New Vaccine like PCV and PRRS
Keynote 5: R&D of Zoonosis Vaccine
>>>Panel Discussion:
How to take advantage of latest technology to control costs of animal vaccine production
Selection and application about adjuvant of animal vaccine

About CBI China

Shanghai CBI Corporation is the biggest professional conference and events organizer in China. From 2000 till now, we have held over 700 exhibitions and conferences in more than 40 domestic and foreign cities, having over 100,000 participants on-site. In 2010, we held over 250 conferences, exhibitions and trainings.

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