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  • Small Spray Dryer
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Product Description:
This apparatus is mainly used in labs, can translate the liquind materials to trace powder directly without filtration, concentration and smash that before drying processing; It has broad-spectrum applicability for all kinds of solution such as: emulsion and suspension.
1. Spraying system and head cover with 316 stainless steel, high anticorrosion;
2.  Entering air temp. adopting the latest built-in microcomputer and intelligent PID control algorithm;
3.  Digital display entering air temp. and leaving air temp.;
4.  All glass components easy disassembly, easy to clean.
Technical Parameters:
Model No.
Parameter Item
Parameter Index
Maximum evaporative water
Entering air temp.
30~250℃; ±1℃
Leaving air temp.
Dry air flow
Normal flow: 70m3/h (Max.: 330m3/h);pressure: 686Pa;
Blower power
frequency control of motor speed
Piping electric heater ability
Entering air temp. heating contrl
PT-100,intelligent PID control;
Spraying system
With standard 0.7 mm diameter double fluid nozzle (other dimensions optional);
Operating system
POTO22PAC microprocessor
Average drying time
1.0~1.5 seconds
Automatically exclude jams device
Automatically exclude jam with needle, cycle range:0~60Sec.per time;frequency adjustable;
Contact product materials
Antiacid 316 stainless steel, 3.3 high-borosilicate glass;
Power source
Machine rated power


Parameter control and settings:
1. Display entering air temp., PID automatically adjust and set;
2. Display leaving air temp..
3. Feeding peristaltic pump setup and display;
4. Entering air flow setting, display and frequency conversion adjustment;
5. Exclude jam needles dredge frequency setting and display;
6. Fan/air compressor/heater starts and stops.
Apparatus Components:
1. Glass drying room: 1piece;
2. Glass cyclone separator: 1piece;
3. Glass products collection bottle: 1piece;
4. Glass products collection tube: 1piece;
5. Feeding silicone tube(4mm): 1 meter
6. Snail mouth fittings(black): 4 pieces;
7. Atomizer, standard configuration(0.7mm): 1piece;
8. Blast blower(frequency conversion): 1piece;
9. Compressor: 1 piece;
10. Case and control system: 1 piece.
Application Fields:
Experiments that need powder materials and manufacture powder products, eg: pharmacy, dye, food, beverage, pigment, milk egg products, Plants and vegetable products, heat-sensitive materials, plastic, battery material, nano materials, polymer, resin, spices, ceramics, soap and detergent, blood, adhesives, oxide, textiles, bones and teeth, etc..
Technology Advantages:
If use other drying methods, like oven drying, freeze drying or rotary evaporation, all the products obtained are consolidated, granular size and shape are irrgular. Now with our spray dryer you can acquire good performance powder samples, particles are naturally sphere shape, enable to dry fast.


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