XO-12N Ordinary Freeze Dryer XO-12N Ordinary Freezing Dryer

  • XO-12N Ordinary Freeze Dryer
  • XO-12N Ordinary Freeze Dryer
Item Code:XO-12N Ordinary Freezing Dryer Features:XO-12N Ordinary Model Freezing Dryer.
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Product Description:
Freeze-drying system offers the best method by which moisture-bearing substances frozen in advance become dry in the vacuum owing to vaporizing away the moisture.The substances frozen can be well-preserved for a long time and returned to their former state once being watered without losing their biochemical properties.
The Freeze-drying technology is especially ideal for those bio-products sensitive to antibiotic, vaccines, blood products, enzymes and hormones. This system is ideal for freezing tests and little production in labs.
The series can be cataloged as: Ordinary model, Gland model, Branch Manifold Ordinary model, Branch Manifold Gland model.
Main Technical Parameters
Cold trap temperature: <-50℃,-80℃ (optional);
Vacuum degree: <15Pa;
Freezing area: 0.07~0.12m2;
Water-capature capability: 3Kg/24H;
Tray filling materials capacity: 0.71.2L;
Dimension: 560×560×340 (mm)
Materials Tray Specification:
ф200mm total 4 layers, layer to layer spacing: 70mm (in bulk materials)
ф180mm total 3 layers, layer to layer spacing: 70mm (bottled materials could mannual gland);
Freezing time: Thickness of materials no more than 10mm, freezing for about 24 hours.
Key Features:
1. English interface, display drying curve;
2. Excellent compressor, with heat exchanger, increase refrigerating output, enhance water-capturing capability;
3. Wide cold trap, without internal coil pipe, sample prefreezing function;
4. Prefreezing shelf could be a diversion barrels, accelerate drying speed;
5. Both cold trap and operation table are made of stainless steel, anticorrosion, easy to clean;
6. Transparent bell jar drying room, safe and intuitional;
7. Stianless steel sample shelf, ordinary sample tray spacing adjustable;
8. Novel design, small size, easy to operate, reduce occupation of labs table-board;
9. Optional equipped with nitrogen gas charging valve.

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