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﹡XIANOU Developed Low Temperature Ultrahigh Pressure Continuous Flow Cell Disruptor

Nanjing Xianou Instruments Manufacture Co.,Ltd.(

In the biotechnology industry, the cost of isolation purification always take 60% ~ 90% of the whole process. In China, the traditional biotechnology industry mainly depend on fermentation industry, so the isolation purification of products is the most important phase for fermentation industry,its the downstream of the fermentation production line,it gives not only the productivity but also makes the quality and safety. This part includes many operations,such as: cell and fermentation liquor isolation,broken cells release the inside products, membrane separating remove cell debris etc.. (2007 Industrial biological technology development report, Su Zhiguo,(Biological Process Engineering),P185 )


Ultrasonication is the most common method in biological production. According to different strains of the fermented liquid, the effect of ultrasonication is much different.Generally, bacillus is more easier disrupting than coccus, gram negative bacteria cell is more easier crushing than gram positive bacteria cell, but act on yeast is not so effective. Advantages: easy to operate;less liquid loss; suitable for laboratory scale.Disadvantages: high cost;easy cause temperature sharp increase; during the large scale operation, as sound energy transfer and cooling is difficult, the chemical free groups which are produced in the reaction that may deactivate the products.


The low temperature ultrahigh pressure continuousfFlow cell disruptor uses super high pressure energy to crush the cells.Comparing with ultrasonication, this equipment has the following advantages: keep the cell vitality, save time, less sample loss,handle large capacity.Hence, low temperature ultrahigh pressure continuous flow cell disruptor is developing and improving constantly, so the contribution for large-scale production is very considerable.


XIANOU developed such kind equipment which is the global leading cell crushing technology. During the development, XIANOU attaches great importance to the independent innovation and the integration of European cutting-edge technology.The series of low temperature ultrahigh pressure continuous flow cell crusher, with the main feature of cell high activity, will gradually be accepted and approved by most customers.


Since the XOSI-5000 low temperature ultrahigh pressure continuous flow cell crushers are put into the market, gains good response from most customers, and doing some exploration of production optimization. By using of XOSI-5000, enhancing the sample treating efficiency, and bacteria cells broken rate. If treating sample for one time, bacteria cells broken rate will reach above 99%, so that enable to protect the objective protein physiological activity well, and that making some achievements preliminarily.