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What is the core principles of the spray dryer?


Pic1. XO-LPG2 Spray Dryer

In many of the drying equipments,the spray drying is one of widely used drying equipments to deal with solution,suspension or muddy materials.The biggest advantage of spray drying equipment is that it can dry liquid into powder directly,and its disadvantages is the low thermal efficiency,huge volume,the low production capacity and high investment.Due to the special advantage that the spray dryer can make the solution or suspension into powdered products with uniform component directly,the device is wide application in the chemical industry, light industry, food, and other industries currently.Thereinto,the dye industry is the most wide application in the chemical industry. 


Pic 2. Spraying drying machine

The principle of spray drying equipment is that using the method of spray  makes materials into droplets scattered in the spray of hot air, and then material and hot air contact each other with the way of flow, counter-current or a mixed flow to make water evaporated quickly to reach the dry purpose. 

By the drying method of this kind of spray drying equipment,it can save unit operation such as enrichment,filter,crushing and etc,meanwhile can get 30 ~ 500 μ m granular products.

Besides,the drying time is short ,generally 5 ~ 30 s.The spray drying machine is suitable for high thermal sensitive and easy scattered material in the process of material liquid enrichment,because of the products with good liquidity and instant.