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Application of Ice Machine

Ice machine is widely used in aquatic products,food industry,supermarket,dairy products,pharmaceutical,chemical,vegetable fresh transportation,marine fishing,etc..With the development of society and improvement of people's production level,the ice demand industry is more widely,and requirement of ice quality is more strict.Therefore,the demands of "high preformance","low failure rate" and "high grade sanitary" is more and more urgent.


1.During the transportation of aquatic production: Flake ice may reduce the temperature of processing medium,cleaning water and aquatic production,prevent the growing of bacteria,keep fresh when the aquatic is under process.


2.During the process of meat: Put the flake ice which is food sanitary grade into the meat to reduce the temperature and keep fresh.


3.During the process of food: Such as use the flake ice to low the temperature fast in order to prevent the bread ferment when the secondary time to stir or put the cream on bread.


4.Super market and aquatic market: Used for keep fresh of aquatic laying,displaying and packing.


5.During the process of vegetable: After harvest and process of agriculture products,using flake ice to reduce the speed of metabolism and bacteria growth,so as to extend the period of keeping fresh.


6.During the long distance transportation: Deep-sea fishing,vegetable transportation which need cooling and keep fresh,flake ice is used more widely.


7.Flake ice is also widely used for laboratory,medicine,chemical industry and artificial ski field,etc..


8.Application in concrete engineering: When casting the concrete in the hot season,must control the casting temperature reasonable,the most efficient way is flake ice mixed with cold water.