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﹡The Difference Between Super Thermostat and Thermostat

 The Difference Between Super Thermostat and Thermostat
Super Thermostat: Temperature fluctuation is smalerl. Also can be understood as more accurate temperature. Furthermore, both for water and oil bath, the temperature can reach 100℃, 200℃, 300℃, 400℃ and even more.
1. Microcomputer intelligent control system, warming rapidly, temperature stability, simple operation.
2. Water oil dual usage, Room temperature~100℃, Room temperature ~200℃, Room temperature~300℃.
3. LED double window displays temperature measurement value and temperature setting value respectively. Digital display resolution is 0.01℃ or 0.1℃. Touch-key makes operation simple.

4. Internal and external circulations are optional. Internal circulation ensures stable and continuous temperature. Circulation pump can lead the inner liquid to external for heating or keep constant temperature.

5. Optional cooling circulation device; Realize rapid cooling in internal system by means of tap water; Suitable for exothermic reaction temperature control under high temperature(domestic pioneer, suitable for optional high-accuracy thermostatic oil bath).6. Super Thermostat is suitable for electronic detection, high temperature distillation, the semiconductor industry, ect.
Thermostat: Compared with super thermostat, it is more extensive. It includes low temperature thermostat, thermostatic water bath, thermostatic oil bath, super thermostat, high-accuracy low temperature thermostat, high-accuracy oil bath, high-accuracy super thermostat, low temperature bath, high temperature circulator, constant temperature circulator. These can be collectively referred to as thermostat.