Ultrasonic Crusher's Operation Principle


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Operation Principle of Ultrasonic Cleaners Ultrasonic Crusher's Operation Principle

* Operation Principle of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Fundamental Principle

Ultrasonic Crusher makes use of ultrasonic dispersion effect in liquid to make cavitation effect happen. And after that, the solid particle or cell tissues will rupture.

Ultrasonic Crusher consists of ultrasonic producer and transducer. Ultrasonic producer transform alternating current into 18-21KHz alternating electric energy for transducer. BZT piezoelectric vibrator is the heart of transducer. It makes adjustable elastic deformation with 120KHz along with alternating voltage, then transducer makes longitudinal mechanical vibration. Vibration wave produces cavitation effect by means of titanium alloy amplitude transformer which is immersed in biological solution to stimulate the biological particle in the liquid vibrating strenuously.


Main Applications

1. Ultrasonic crusher can be used in rupture of animal and plant cell, bacterium, spore or tissues. It also can be used in dispersing tombarthite and all kinds of inorganic mineral powder.

2. Ultrasonic crusher is a perfect device for speeding reaction velocity in chemical, biological and physical field. And it also works in speeding liquid degasification.

3. Ultrasonic crusher can be equipped with emulsion which is nearly one percent of micron; Homogenize sone liquid which is hard to mix; Polymerize some substances and precipitate some substances.
In a word, ultrasonic crusher has powerful function such as extraction, crush, emulsification, homogenization, suspension, heteromorphosis, aerosol, speeding desolvation and crystallization. It also can configurate virous biological samples with electronic microscope.