How to purchase Ultrasonic Cell Crusher


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How to purchase Ultrasonic Cell Crusher How to purchase Ultrasonic Cell Crusher

* How to purchase Ultrasonic Cell Crusher

Ultrasonic Cell Crusher uses ultrasonic dispersion effect in liquid to make liquid produce cavitation effect. So the solid particle or cell tissues in liquid can be disrupted.

Common method of operation:

Put the samples into breaker, then turn on the supply , set the time (shaking time and paralysis time), and put the probe of crusher into samples. In the process of using, ultrasonic producer transforms 50/60 Hz alternating current into 18-20KHz high frequency and pressure electric energy. So in the process of rupture, it will produce large heat energy. In the general, rupture will happen in water bath.


Ultrasonic cell crusher consists of ultrasonic producer and transducer (optional  sound-proof box ).

1. Working operation of ultrasonic producer: Signal producer gives out a signal with special frequency. And the special frequency is just the frequency of transducer. In the general, the ultrasonic frequency in ultrasonic machines are 20KHz, 25KHz,28KHz,33KHz,40KHz,60KHz.

2. Transducer components: Transducer and amplitude transformer.

3. Soundproof box: To lower noise in the process of work effectively and keep quiet.

The promotion of ultrasonic cell crusher in domestic industries is mature, but not widespread. This device's application is wide and just this point is superior to other equipments. So, this device's potential in the market is great and more and it attracts more and more manufactures. On the contrary, the situation also results in the chaos in ultrasonic cleaning industry and market.


Ultrasonic cell crusher can be classified as following two parties:

1. In terms of power.

The power of ultrasonic cell crusher is preferred reference standard for clients and it will affect the quantity, size, quality and effect of samples. So manufactures emphasize it very much. In the general, laboratory, control laboratory, research institute, drug inspection offices and other scientific-research institutions use the device with low power (below 500W). But biotechnology company, pharmaceutical factory, chemical industry and other production units use the devise with  power 500W-2000W. In terms of customers' usage, there are 50W, 100W, 150W, 250W, 300W, 350W, 500W, 1000W and 2000w can be selected. In the general, the output power is adjustable according to requirement. Standard rated frequency is 20KHz. Some crushers have automatic control function and can make the power change within a small range.


2. In terms of diameter of tip.

When size of samples is different, you must select different tips. In the general, the top of tip is from 5mm (suit for 1ml capacity)to 25mm (suit for 1000ml capacity).When the energy through the tip, the place touched by the surface of metal will corrode. As time passed, the place corroded will appeal slight pitting. You can select abrasive paper or abrasive cloth to burnish tip unless the tip is useless. When the tip is useless, it is hard to adjust power. And it will give out stridulation then result in flaw. If you want to process samples effectively, there are two factors should be considered: the size and output power. And the two factors must match so that the work achieve perfect effect. When the power is low, you choose big tip, then the tip can't work. When the power is too high, the tip may damage. Please notice the model of needful accessory when you purchase.